EV-TW500 automatic horizontal labeling machine

Use: Achieve fast labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on round or conical surface of the products.

Label applicable: adhesive labels; adhesive films; electronic supervision code, bar code etc.
Product Applicable: small round bottles

Option: 1. Sensor to detect transparent label. 2. hot printer/ code machine 3. automatic collecting function(according to product) 4. add labeling machine head 5. circumferential position labeling function, 6. Other function(as customer’s requirement).

Model EV-TW500
Driving Mode Servo motor
Yield(pcs/min) 60–320
Operating direction Left or Right
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0 mm
The inner diameter of label roll 76mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350 mm(max)
The suitable size of label Width 15-150 mm length 15-100 mm
The suitable size of labeling objects Can customized
Voltage (In China) AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
(Can customized as client need)
Power(w) 1000W
Weight(kg) 300kg
Machine size 2000mm(L)X1300mm(W)x1500mm(H)